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YES Mathematics Tuition Centre
Jurong East
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I won't really reccomend.

I postponed sessions once every 2 weeks due to busy schedule.
Principal began to change attitude towards me when I told him I was going to quit, said I wont be getting any make up lessons. Even told me how about I just quit immediately and he keep the deposit.
"My policy states" "We must go law by law"
Is there really a need to get so agitated over a student quitting?
His hands and voice were trembling when I requested to quit


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Existing Student
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Duration with the tuition centre
half a year
I Spent (Monthly)
$200 - $499
What I like
Relatively cheap fees compared to other tution I attended. Fees are less than $300 always.
What I dislike
One teacher teaching every student, so cannot follow syllabus of all students.
Constant collection of material fees at the end of every class.
Sessions are too long, 2 hours of copying model answers is very tiring.
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Suitable For
  • Struggling Failures
  • Last Minute Miracles
  • Underachievers
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Written by Ellis Zang
May 20, 2013
Thank you Admin of this page for being unbiased. I'll just like to refer to this article.
Although I have not studied here, I did used to have friends who studied here, and reviews were negative to mixed. I was hesitant about my mum enrolling my brother for Sec 1 math tuition, which was why I looked for tuition reviews. I hope this helps in some sort of way to clarify the situation a little.
Apparently from the article, this tuition center tends to give 'unwritten rules' and expects customers to abide by their sudden changing rules.
If asked for my opinion, I will not enroll my brother. I am speaking from a neutral point of view, and am just voicing my opinions. I do not intend to defame this center nor am I advising others not to join. From my view, I just do not think this center is trustworthy. Others can have the freedom to join if they wish.
1 results - showing 1 - 1