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YES Mathematics Tuition Centre
Jurong East
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Worst Tution center

Parents and kids,

If your want to enroll to this center, please well prepared the following:

1. Pay fee on time otherwise will get scolded.
2. Don't ask stupid and many question (not referring class questions)
3. Be able to take their bad attitude, impatient and unprofessional way.
4. They will tell you they follow law by law. So anything happen please consult your lawyer first.


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Parent of Existing Student
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E and A Maths
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$200 - $499
What I dislike
All parents and Students,

This incident happen to me on 14 Feb 17 at YES mathematics. Center only have two person in charge: Chia and Ang

I must admit that we are late payment for 2 weeks. I call up the center to check what time they close in order for me to make payment on behalf of my daughter. Chia answered the call. When my second time to confirm the timing. He replied: Than you think we should wait you till 12pm to come?

I quickly rush down to the center after my dinner to make the payment. My hand holding the money and start asking who is the person who answer my call and why his attitude so bad. Chia start shouting: "Is me cos you asking a stupid question just now".

Ang came out from the class, both start shouting to me. Chia : "Your child (started since Sec 1) came here for so long you don't know the fee meh why still need to ask again" I start recall and remember I call them before Jan. I was thought that there will be a increase fee from sec 3 to sec 4" Why as a parent we cannot call and double confirm the tution fee?

Ang turn: "You keep calling us this and that. You remember you call us when your girl sick? That time I only make two phone call to them. First call to inform them my Girl is sick. My girl (loss her voice) ask me to give a second call to check when is the next available remake lesson. Indirectly telling me I'm asking to many question disturbing them.

Ang start fierce and shouting towards me and say: "You should feel guilty for late payment instead of still dare to questioning us for being bad attitude" So is he trying to tell me their bad attitude and shouting towards me just because we late payment?

Chia shouting again: "Ask her girl come out don't teach her anymore" I also start shouted my girl for coming out from the lesson. Chia use the small table and block me for going in (I have no intention to go in as I know that I have no authority to go in).

Infront of so many student, Ang start fierce and shouting to ask my girl come out from the lesson. When Ang come out again, I tell him off this is between us stop shouting to my girl. His reply and behaviour make me shock: "You shout at me I shout to your daughter la" In the first place don't know who start shouting (how childish as a professional right).

I stop quarreling with them but this Chia continue scolding me: "I feel pity of your girl that she have such a bad mother who never give tution fee to her. I always so lenient to her and ask her go in for the lesson first" My girl classmate told me this chia ever scold my girl for late payment. How hypocrites he is right?

Do you want your child enter in to this kind of study environment?
Bad attitude.
Childish Behavior
Behaviour like loan shark.

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