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Blk 171 Stirling Road #01-1113 Singapore 140171

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MOE Registered
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Primary - English, Maths, Science
Secondary - Maths, E Maths, A Maths, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology
JC - Biology
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Who We Are
Axcell Tuition Centre provides talented children with educated experiences that integrated mathematics, science and technology beyond the traditional way of learning.

What We Are Capable Of
Axcell is founded to cultivate our future scientists. We explore our children’s potential in math and science, stimulate their interest and motivate them in learning.

Our Promises
Axcell is a Math & Science specialist whose vision is to achieve excellence and cultivate everest learner through transformation of mathematics, science, and technology teaching and learning to enable students to meet the challenges of the future.


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Highly recommended! (customized teaching, caring)

This tuition centre is highly recommended due to the systematic teaching plan and feedback enquiry between the tutors and parents.
The principle is ethusiatic in understand the students' learning character and provide a customized learning plan, as well as seeking feedback from both parents and tutors for continuous improvement. They are providing a lot of feedback and performance monitoring after every lesson.
This tuition centre also put a lot of effort in setting up computer aided programme to have more fun and effective interative learning in language and science lesson.

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