1) Well Qualified Tutors

Ensure that the tutors in the Singapore tuition centres are well-qualified. By and large, most tutors should at least hold a degree, and have a certain amount of experience in education. It would be even better if the tutor is certified by the Ministry of Education (MOE), or a current or ex-teacher, as they generally have better teaching skills due to their training in the National Institute of Education (NIE). Of course, such qualifications come at a price.

In line with the emphasis on qualifications, also take note of the qualifications of the centre principals or directors. Often, such standards can be very telling of the quality of the centre as a whole. The leadership and standards set by the centre principals or directors for the tutors could be a deal-breaker.


2) Good Teaching Materials

Ensure that the Singapore tuition centre provides their teachers with a set of good teaching material, as well as your child with good learning material as well. What is taught in the tuition centre itself is important, but materials for your child to practice and absorb what is taught is crucial too. It is also very important that these materials should be in line with the syllabus as outlined by the MOE as well. Request to see a sample of these materials before signing up, if possible.


3) Accessible Location

Take note of the location of the tuition centre. Transportation to and from the centre itself, if out of the way, could be a large hassle, and could put you and your child off from actually going down to the tuition centre and attending lessons regularly.


4) Small Class Size

Ensure that the average class size is not too big. If a tutor has to divide his or her attention to too many students, your child might not be able to get the individual attention and support he or she needs from the tutor in order to fully absorb the materials or comprehend them. A small students-to-teacher ratio would definitely be a huge advantage for your child.

Do you think the above points are valid? What do you personally look out for in a tuition centre in Singapore?